Mama’s Turn to Play

The Promised Neverland / Episode 8 Thoughts [Spoilers!]

You know, I’ve mentioned a couple of times about how the initial episodes were too rush and how much it bugged me. But now, I truly appreciate the decision the producers have made – because this episode is just outstanding. Well worth the extra time given to elaborate Krone’s scene but before that, let me just insert a picture and a new paragraph to prevent the spoilers from spilling out the WordPress Reader page.

Firstly, this scene. This sends chills down my spine – cause it happens just right after the demon makes an appearance behind Sister Krone – as if it’s the demon itself was saying itadakimasu. The scenes are just beautifully meshed together. The peaceful dining time, as opposed to Sister Krone’s situation at the exact same moment.

Another thing I like is how this episode decides to bring in Sister Krone’s memories during her last struggle intermittently – something which the manga actually did differently. It is also more sentimental I feel, showing a more humanly side of her which was broken by the system. On the other hand, her memory in the manga was more of a competition, trying to beat the rest & survive the system. This part of the episode was then ended with an apt gochisousamadeshita from the Grace Field kids.

After their meal, Emma, Norman, Ray, Gilda and Don (what a mouthful) decided to proceed with their plan to investigate the area beyond the wall. Ray tried to distract Mama with a fake murder plan but then Mama decided it is time to take matters into her own hand. After getting rid of Sister Krone, she decides to dismiss Ray as her spy as well.

This thwarted their plan when Mama managed to make contact with Emma & Norman at the wall (would’ve loved to see the scene of Mama running to catch up but alas..) and decided to drop the whole pretense once and for all. Understanding that this is their last chance, Emma went for Mama while Norman went to take the rope to climb up the wall. Which, if anyone had noticed during Grandma’s flashback, someone actually did made it up to the wall herself.

During this scene, Mama keep switching between being a villian and a caring mother. At times she insisted that all she wanted was to protect her children and for her children to live a happy, wholesome life until their death – could it be possibly true? But then again, which mother would actually have the heart to break her daughter’s leg just to ‘protect’ her?

Whichever the case was, it was then revealed before the ED plays – Norman will be shipped out the next day. Dun dun dun~

I had a good 4 days break ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mainly spent the time trying to figure out what I wanted in life so yea – tried video editing, tried Udemy courses, tried illustrations… still hazy but someday I’ll figure it out after trying everything that I wanted to do. A little too old to be trying stuffs at this age but no regrets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Will be posting Dororo & Boogiepop thoughts over the next few days.. until then, adios~

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